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Solar Panel Options

Solar panels options are in a constant state of change. There are many high-quality brands to choose from with economy, standard, and premium options to choose from.

Most panels installed for residential use are approximately 67 x 40 inches in size and have more aesthetic appeal than those made for commercial use. Commercial panels are about 79 x 40 inches and sometimes used in residential applications, especially for ground mounted systems.

We use only high-efficiency crystalline solar panels in our projects. These include PERC, split cell and micro-busbar technologies in our higher class options. The options we offer change regularly as we continuously keep up with the best in class and price.

Black Hills Solar offers in-stock and special order options to fit projects of all types. The range of brands we offer come in four distinct styles:

  1. Standard residential panels have a black frame and white back sheet. An economical choice often selected for lower-pitch roofs.

  2. All-Black panels offer the most seamless and aesthetic appearance. These are our preferred style for rooftop systems and wherever appearance matters most.

  3. Peak-Power (premium) panels present maximum efficiency to generate more power in less space, making them ideally suited to small roofs or wherever space is limited. Premium panels come in both standard and all-black styles.

  4. Commercial panels are larger, with more cells and higher power. Great for large roofs and ground-based arrays. Plain aluminum frame and white back sheet only.

A short-list of the brands we offer includes: LG, Solaria, Canadian Solar, Q Cells, Trina, Longi, Jinko and others.


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