Black Hills Solar designs residential solar power systems to fit your custom home and lifestyle.

We offer a range of system types to meet the individual needs of each project.




    Combine utility/grid power with solar power to energize your home with the sun and

    reduce your power bills.

    Grid-tied systems are popular for power bill reduction and attractive for their low cost and simplicity.

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    Battery with solar and grid power combined

    for the benefits of multiple energy sources and energy-storage capabilities.


    Hybrid system options combine the best of both grid-tied and off-grid features.

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    A whole-house battery system enables continuous power supply without the grid, using solar power as the main energy source and a generator for back-up.

    Off-grid systems are particularly suited to new home construction and wherever grid-power access is limited.

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    Combine solar power with electric-vehicle charging to boost charging speeds and reduce power bills.


    EV charging solar inverters enable charging from solar only or in combination with scheduled grid usage.

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Learn the Essentials

Grid-Tie Systems

Grid-tie systems provide an additional source of power to your breaker panel in order to reduce utility power use during the daytime. Additionally, when more solar power is generated than the home can use, extra solar power flows onto ("backfeeds") the grid. The utility meters any power back-fed to the grid for a monthly credit (at a wholesale rate).

Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid power systems are designed to integrate multiple energy sources including solar power and backup generators to charge a battery and power the home. Off-grid solar is especially suitable for locations where grid power is unavailable, unreliable, or cost-prohibitive. Winter heating should be supported by non-electric alternatives, such as a propane furnace or wood/pellet stoves. Designing the home and appliances with energy efficiency in mind is recommend for the best results. For new construction, contact us for free guidance on how to design your home and select the right appliances for the best resuts.

Hybrid Systems

Combining a grid-tie solar power system with an energy storage (battery) system provides added features including backup power, enhanced solar performance (self-consumption), and time-of-use management (to reduce utility peak demand charges). Hybrid systems may be sized smaller to provide back-up power to critical loads only, or larger for whole-home backup and greater self-sufficiency. A large enough system can perform like an off-grid system and may be combined with a back-up generator for complete self-reliance.

EV Systems

To enhance charging speed and efficiency, an EV charging solar inverter can simultaneously charge the vehicle directly from solar power at boosted speeds while also being connected to the home and grid like a regular grid-tie system. Charging schedule settings tell the inverter to charge from the grid based on time (i.e. at night during off-peak times), or to charge only from solar when solar power is available.


Black Hills Solar specializes in solar power, energy storage systems, and electrical services.


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