Black Hills Solar provides custom solar power system design and installation, specializing in residential energy for grid-tied and off-grid power applications.

Located in Rapid City, SD

Black Hills, South Dakota

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Storage enables additional features and benefits with solar energy for the home, vehicle, and water supply.


Enable the full potential of solar with a home battery.

  • Solar Storage - Save solar for use a night

  • Back-up Power - Power essential loads through a grid power outage

  • Off-Grid - Power up to 100% of electricity needs

Hybrid solar-powered EV chargers ​were designed to charge vehicles quickly and efficiently

  • EV Hybrid Inverter - Simultaneously power your home and charge your vehicle at high rates boosted by solar

Offset a major energy consumer by storing heat energy for later use. Great for commercial applications.

  • Solar Optimized - Heat water tanks when solar power is being produced

  • High-Efficiency Tanks - Get a solar-plus-tank system package (eligible for tax credit)

  • Off-Grid Water - Heat water without grid power for special applications