Solar Power Systems

We combine industry-leading technologies with professional system design, resulting in the most efficient, effective and reliable renewable energy systems.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are known for their long life, reliability, maintenance-free operation, and enduring performance.

All-Black panels are our preferred style for homes, or wherever aesthetics matter most.

Peak-Power panels provide cutting-edge efficiency to generate more power in less space.

Commercial panels are larger, with more cells and higher power. Great for large roofs and ground-based arrays.


Peak Power



Power Inverters

Power inverters convert solar and battery power into 120V/240V electricity. We supply a variety of makes and models to accommodate specific project requirements.


Grid-tie Solar Inverters supply solar power directly to an electrical panel that is also powered by the utility. The solar power is consumed directly as it is produced, while any extra power is metered to the grid (resulting in a credit on the utility bill).

Battery Inverters convert battery power into AC power for off-grid and backup applications. Batteries can be charged by the inverter from the grid or a generator, or by solar using a solar charge controller.

Hybrid Inverters combine the features of both grid-tie and battery inverters. These systems are extremely versatile and offer special functions to maximize energy independence.

Specialty Inverters are designed for special applications, for specific loads such as heating elements, air conditioners, and ventilation.

Grid-Tie Inverters

Battery Inverters

Special Applications

OutBack Power Skybox Inverter-Chager


Batteries store energy for off-grid and backup power systems. We provide maintenance-free varieties with high energy density and long lifespans.

Lead-Carbon batteries use a lead and carbon design to provide longevity of >3000 cycles. Cost-effective and suitable for back-up power and cabins.

Lithium batteries offer several advantages including fast charging and extensive longevity of >8000 cycles. Best suited for off-grid homes and applications with regular and heavy use.

OutBack Power EnergyCell Pure Lead Carbon PLC


Blue Planet Energy Blue Ion Lithium LFP Battery Cabinet 16 kWh



System Monitoring

Included with most solar power systems. Internet or cellular connectivity allows users to see the current and historical performance, receive alerts, make configuration changes, and receive remote technical support and updates.


Home Energy Monitor

Sense installs in your home's electrical panel and provides insight into your energy use and home activity through iOS, Android, and web apps. See how much electricity you're using, when specific loads turn on, or if and when an appliance is running. Sense also identifies patterns in your energy use to help your family be more efficient, informed, and secure. Learn more here.

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