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Electrical Services


At Black Hills Solar, we specialize in updating electrical systems for solar and battery power system integration and electric vehicle charging connectors. Our electrical services include power distribution, service panel upgrades, smart breaker panels, energy monitoring systems, and surge protection devices.

We also serve new construction projects, find and correct electrical problems in existing systems, bring electrical systems up to current code, and install electrical safety devices.

Service Disconnect

Upgrade your old meter socket to bring up to code with an outdoor service disconnect. New requirements for outdoor disconnects provide added safety in an emergency situation.

Breaker Panel

Upgrade your breaker panel to resolve issues or increase its capacity for additional circuits and power sources. New arc-fault circuit breakers provide additional safety, especially for homes with old wiring.

Arc-Fault Protection

AFCI breakers prevent fires by sensing electrical arcing and instantly disconnecting power to the damaged circuit. Arc-fault is now required by the national electric code for new installations.

Smart Panel

A smart breaker panel connects to your WiFi, enabling real-time usage monitoring and controls including demand control, load scheduling, and optimization of solar, battery, and vehicle charging. Learn more.

Surge Protection

Whole-house surge protectors prevent voltage spikes that can damage appliances, devices, and electrical panels. These are also known as lightning arrestors. They protect circuits by diverting surges to the ground.

Ground-Fault Protection

GFCI breakers are designed to prevent shock in the event an electrical device comes in contact with water. Used mainly for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor circuits. Combination breakers can include arc-fault protection.


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