Commercial Solar Applications

Solar can offer a very reliable return on investment for many businesses. Wherever power is used most during the daytime, solar is especially effective at reducing ongoing costs. Where commercial power usage occurs most during daytime hours, and there is a suitable roof, open space, or parking lot, solar panels can offer multiple returns over their lifetime.

Attract customers with alternative energy. Polling has consistently shown that most Americans support the development of alternative energy sources. Your own solar power can also offer customers and employees electric vehicle charging stations. 

Reduce or eliminate ongoing power costs:

  • Air conditioning

  • Office lighting and printing

  • Refrigeration

  • Water pumping and heating

  • Electric vehicle and forklift charging

  • Motors and other equipment


Backup critical loads in an emergency using solar plus backup:

  • Computers, servers, modems

  • Security systems

  • Refrigeration

We install leading commercial and three-phase power system brands with both roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar arrays. 

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