Commercial Solar Power

Solar power can offer a high-value, low-risk return on investment for many businesses and commercial building owners. Where commercial power usage occurs most during daytime hours, solar panels are especially cost-effective.

Attract customers with alternative energy. Polling has consistently shown that most Americans support the development of alternative energy sources. Offering customers and employees electric vehicle charging stations can also be a great bonus! 

Reduce or eliminate ongoing power costs:

  • Air conditioning

  • Office lighting and printing

  • Refrigeration

  • Water pumping and water heating

  • Electric vehicle and forklift charging

  • Tools and equipment


Backup critical loads in an emergency using solar plus backup:

  • Computers, servers, modems

  • Security systems

  • Refrigeration

Please contact us for additional information. Commercial buildings vary widely so we offer a free, quick assessment of viability depending on the roof type and orientation (must face south). Most pitched roofs with shingles or metal are excellent, while most flat roofs on small buildings may not be suitable. Ground spaces and parking lots can offer additional options.