Black Hills Solar is a certified installer for Tesla energy products including the Powerwall battery for both residential and commercial applications. The Powerwall creates a micro-grid on your side of the electricity meter, enabling you to switch to an independent power source during a grid outage, offset high energy costs from the utility, or go completely off-grid.



Powerwall is a home battery system that turns your home’s solar panels into an all-day resource – storing excess solar energy and using it at night – while also offering backup in the event of an outage, and reducing your reliance on the grid. Powerwall enables more of your home’s electricity use to come from solar, which enhances solar functionality and reduces energy costs.

  • Essential Backup Power

    With one Powerwall, a separate electrical panel is installed for your essential loads: refrigerator, lights, and outlets require less energy than major appliances and can easily be powered by a single Powerwall.

  • Whole-House Backup

    Two Powerwalls can power a whole home. Combined with solar power and efficient energy use, homes can be sufficiently autonomous for most of the year.

  • Net-Zero

    Generate most of the electricity you use with minimal dependence on grid power. Net-zero your consumption over the year, and dramatically reduce your electric bill. 

  • Off-Grid

    Larger homes and commercial operations can be fully supported, even to full off-grid autonomy with solar and up to ten Powerwalls.





Black Hills Solar specializes in solar power, energy storage systems, and electrical services.


Rapid City, Black Hills, South Dakota

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