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We appreciate your business!


Rapid City

"For anyone interested in considering solar installations: this is the guy you want to call. Professional, reliable, follows through, solid. Nothing but good experiences to report. Several of my friends and acquaintances have had their installations done by Sonny, as well, with equally excellent reports. 5 Stars!"

- Martin S



"We are looking forward to getting the battery system, and working with you again. We have been very pleased with the system so far!"

-Lea M.


Rapid City

"We just paid $15.49 and only used 18.1 kWh from the grid in April! The solar panels are working very well and are allowing us a lot of energy freedom. We appreciate you guys!"

-Kevin F.



“Battery is up and charging from the solar. Your crew is great!”

-Noah D..



“BTW, if anyone ever asks me about who did my solar I’ll be sure to tell them about Black Hills Solar and highly recommend you.  Thanks for all your after-installation service.”

-James W


Rapid City

"After discussing our solar needs with one other contractor we contacted Black Hills Solar.  Sonny came out shortly thereafter, reviewed our residence, submitted a very thorough proposal and installed the systems, which are operating perfectly. We highly recommend Black Hills Solar."

- Phil N


Rapid City

"Thanks for a great installation. Downloaded the monitoring software – works great!"

-Don S.



"I could not be happier with our new solar skylights. The job you did and your professional manner was exemplary. Our electric lights don’t come on nearly as often as they did before, because we can see just fine without them."

-Kathleen F.



“Powerwall and solar at our Keystone house is great. Have lost power a couple of times from the grid and didn’t even know it until looking at the Tesla app.  Lights didn’t even flicker!!”

-Terry H.


Rapid City

"One Solatube in our interior room kitchen makes the difference. From turning on a light whenever we entered this room, to almost never, makes me a believer in this product. Installation was quick and clean thanks to BH Solar's professional know how."

-Jane K


Rapid City

"We appreciate your conscientious and skillful service. And I’m especially grateful for your willingness to answer all my questions."

-Ken S.


Hot Springs

“Thank you so much for working with us on the solar project – I think we will be very happy with it and we appreciate your professionalism.”

-Paula S.


Rapid City

“Thanks so much for my solar system. It is exceeding my expectations. It totally recharged the Powerwall on a cloudy day, from 45% to 100%. Wow.”

-Kent S.

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