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We really believe in the benefits of a self-powered community. To us, a resilient home with solar is essential for the advancement of a prosperous and sustainable society. We aim to accelerate the use of smarter energy efficiency and self-reliance using clean, locally-sourced power for both homes and businesses. 

Black Hills Solar is a locally-owned solar power installation company dedicated to professional quality and customer service. We are a dedicated group of electricians and expert solar installers with a tenacity for doing the job right and achieving the highest standards at a fair price.


Proud of the work we do, we cultivate trustworthy relationships with our customers and set ourselves apart by providing exceptional service with a personalized experience.

Ethos. We believe the work we do is important for our communities and the world as together we accelerate the transition to an efficient, sustainable, and more affordable energy economy. The technologies we provide empower people to become more self-reliant as we work towards democratizing the power grid and enhancing the resilience of our communities now and in the future.

Personal. When working with us, you will interact directly with your project manager who will oversee the project and offer direct customer support from start to finish.

Professional. Our team consists of licensed electricians and certified solar professionals. Continuing education in our field keeps us on top of the latest product offerings, practices, and code requirements, keeping us on the cutting-edge at all times.

Experienced. Our extensive system design experience allows us to readily determine the best approach for every unique building or application. All system design is done in-house and never outsourced, allowing us to fully deliver on every project ourselves.

Versatile. We are highly trained and experienced with all of the leading products, brands, and a wide array of system configurations to custom-fit any situation. We specialize in system options that provide the highest value, features, efficiency, and reliability for any given project.

Local. Our team is based in Rapid City and we do not outsource our work. 

Knowledgeable. We provide straightforward answers to your questions in terms you can relate to. We will also help you understand your home and power system so you can better understand your specific situation.

Guaranteed. We are confident in the quality of our work. We include warranty labor and service in our contract, so should anything require service, repair, or warranty work, we get it taken care of.

Contracted. We provide a purchase agreement with our installation so both parties have clear terms for the purchase, work time, services performed, payment schedule, system maintenance, and warranty. 

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