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Monthly Electric Usage

Updated: Feb 9

Selecting the ideal solar power system for your home involves knowing how much energy you use. Since every home and its residents differ, having detailed information about your energy consumption helps us to more accurately suggest a system that best suits your requirements.

Monthly usage is helpful to better answer specific questions such as what percentage of energy will be offset. But without this information we can still choose a suitable system size and accurately estimate the solar performance.

If you are a new homeowner or if the building is new construction, we can still provide a fair estimate based on the size of the home, its major appliances, and occupancy.

To get the most accurate idea of how a solar power system will perform relative to your electricity use, we recommend logging into your utility account and reviewing your monthly usage online. Utility bills are a convenient way to gather this information.

For us to provide our best recommendation, please provide the following information, or just a copy of your bill:

  • Your power company name

  • Type of rate (i.e. regular, all-electric, demand charge, heat meter)

  • Monthly energy use (kilowatt-hours kWh)

  • Peak (demand) power (kilowatts kW)

  • Major appliance types: i.e. electric heat, air-conditioner, well pump, hot tub, electric vehicle, and other 240V appliances.

Keep in mind that sizing a solar power system doesn't have to be complicated. Knowing your power and energy usage helps us better serve you when you want to know more about how solar power and battery systems can change your utility bill. Without your billing information, however, we can still provide a recommendation with reasonable expectations for system performance.

Black Hills Energy account
This can be found on a Black Hills Energy bill or by logging into your utility online account.

Example time-of-use profiles:



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