• Sonny Rivers

Monthly Electric Usage

Everyone is used to paying monthly bills, but now it's time to get acquainted with our energy consumption. Every home and its occupants are unique, so the more we know the better we can recommend a power system.

Tell us about your utility rates and monthly usage. Get as detailed as you'd like. Based on experience, we can readily offer a recommendation with some basic information.

Your utility power bill tells us all we need to know, including the type of rate you pay. A copy of one bill (both pages) is very helpful, but a monthly breakdown is even better. You can log in to your power company account to download your bills and get usage information, which you can provide when you submit a project form to us.

The simplest way to start is to just provide your average summer vs. winter bill amount, what your home uses for heating and cooling, and when you use power most (day or night) to give us a good user profile.

What to share:

- Power company name

- Type of rate (i.e. regular, all-electric, demand, heat meter)

- Monthly energy use (kWh)

- Monthly peak power use (kW)

- Time of use (daytime or nighttime focused)

- Major appliance types: electric heat, HVAC, etc.

What is your profile type? Identify your profile from the examples below. If you want to be detailed, you can even request your hourly usage data from the utility provider (totally optional).